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¿Why is Travertine suitable for all styles?

Por Petravia
January 2022

Why is Travertine suitable for all styles?

Travertine marble has been in use since ancient times. It was an indispensable material in palaces, temples and buildings that wanted to be endowed with beauty and sumptuousness. Today it is still in use, due to the characteristics and advantages it offers.

A very elegant material.

Thanks to its colors mixed with veins of different shades, this marble is a very distinguished material, used in floors, walls, etc. It is perfect for living rooms, bathrooms and to beautify pools with elegant gardens.

For all tastes and styles of home.

In addition to being a precious material, it has a wide variety of colors and different finishes so you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and style. Arena, Puebla, Serpentine, Santo Tomás, Oaxaca Red and Terracota are some of the options from which you can choose. You can also choose between natural, polished finish. Likewise, two cuts can be made: Roman or Veracruz, which give it new nuances.

Lasts for a lifetime

It is very strong and durable, it resists high temperatures and shocks very well. Of course, if you have chosen travertine for the floor, remember that you should not step on it with work shoes, you can scratch it. You should also clean it with abrasive products. With these simple indications you will have a floor for life.

Its colors do not vary over time.

The color of travertine does not change over time thanks to its resistance to ultraviolet radiation. A good option for places where the sun shines 365 days a year.

It never gets old-fashioned.

Travertine marble is a material that, unlike others, is timeless, does not go out of style. If what you are looking for is aesthetics without having to do a lot of work, choose it. You have different types to choose from; Romano, Veracruz, Silver, Nocce and Terracota.