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Top uses of Travertine marble.

Por Petravia
January 2022

Travertine has always been used in the construction of small and large projects, especially around the sites. For the Romans it was a frequent material in public and / or important buildings. A key example of its use is the Roman Coliseum.

It is used in blocks, plates or sheets, worked by hand, rudimentary or polished. Travertine monuments can be seen in city squares, walkways, stairways, and historic sites.

This sedimentary rock is currently used to cover floors and walls, both indoors and outdoors. It is installed in a single piece or combined with other similar materials (marble, limestone, slab ...). It presents a variety of shapes and colors. Due to its low degree of hardness, it can be easily cut. Depending on the function that it will fulfill and for greater durability, once the travertine is installed it is necessary to seal it. The market offers special chemicals for every surface.